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Akedo Ultra Beast Single Pack - Ripclaw Alphawolf


The Beast Strike Legends of Akedo are back and ready to 'Unleash the Ultra Beast'! Energised with animal instincts, these Ultra Beasts are Super Sized and eager to unleash the wrath of their beastly attack! Do you have the skill to strike them, making their armour explode off and even execute a Split Strike as well? Or will their powerfully fast 360 Degree Spin Attack feature be too strong? The Ultra Beasts New Battlespin Controller allows the beasts to spin 360 deg. and strike at rapid speed with their claws, jaws and tail! There are two New Akedo Ultra Beasts for kids to collect - Ripclaw Alphawolf and Battlerex Tailwhip. Ripclaw Alphawolf has a 'Claw Strikers' fighting action whilst Battlerex Tailwhip has a 'Tail Tornado' fighting action. Each pack includes one Akedo Beast Strike Battling Warrior with one Battlespin Controller. Does your child have what it takes to become a Legend of Akedo and master the powers of the Ultra Beast’s 360 Degree attack? Ready! Fight! Split Strike!

Product Details
  • Suitable for ages: 6+ years
  • Includes only 1 The Legends of Akedo Beast Strike Ultra Beast
  • Includes 1 x Battlespin controller, 1 x Beast figure and 1 x instruction manual/collectors guide
  • Series 6
  • The World of Akedo collides with the wrath of the Beasts to create the Legends of Akedo Ultra Beasts
  • The Legends of Akedo Beast Strike Ultra Beasts have a 360 Degree Spin Attack!
  • Battle with 2 different striking methods: 'Claw Striker' and 'Tail Tornado'
  • The Legends of Akedo Beast Strike Ultra Beasts includes a New Battlespin Controller allowing the beasts to spin and strike at rapid speed with their claws, jaws and tail!
  • Two Ultra Beasts to collect: Ripclaw Alphawolf and Battlerex Tailwhip
Additional Information

Caution: Do not aim at eyes or face!

Warning: Choking hazard. Small parts. Follow usage instructions carefully.

Disclaimer: Products are sold separately and come in various designs. We cannot guarantee which design you will receive as products are selected at random for online orders.